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Godl3ss, Helper Application

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ING Name: Godl3ss

Age: 18, 19 in may

Time zone: GMT(+3)

Total hours in-game: 449h

Position you are applying for: (Helper)

What is your knowledge of Tyras like?: I believe i got some knowledge, enough to help every new/starting player

What is your primary language?: My primary Language is Arabic, And i speak english, almost fluently :'D

Why do you want to join the Tyras staff team?: So i can help people with whatever they need, Whether it was Tips, Starter items..etc :)

What makes you stand out to everyone else?: I've been playing for quite a while, Most people know me, And i believe i've got a good reputation

What do you think makes a good staff member?: A good staff member would have to be sweet, helpful and Has enough knowledge

What would you do if you caught someone bug-abusing? I would definitely warn them, But if it was to be repeated, I would report it to my higher-staffmates

why do you think you deserve the role? Staff roles aren't to be deserved, they need to be earned, and to earn them, you need to have a good reputation, helpful and Knowledgeable/Well informed.

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