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  1. ING Name: Godl3ss Age: 18, 19 in may Time zone: GMT(+3) Total hours in-game: 449h Position you are applying for: (Helper) What is your knowledge of Tyras like?: I believe i got some knowledge, enough to help every new/starting player What is your primary language?: My primary Language is Arabic, And i speak english, almost fluently :'D Why do you want to join the Tyras staff team?: So i can help people with whatever they need, Whether it was Tips, Starter items..etc :) What makes you stand out to everyone else?: I've been playing for quite a while, Most people know me, And i believe i've got a good reputation What do you think makes a good staff member?: A good staff member would have to be sweet, helpful and Has enough knowledge What would you do if you caught someone bug-abusing? I would definitely warn them, But if it was to be repeated, I would report it to my higher-staffmates why do you think you deserve the role? Staff roles aren't to be deserved, they need to be earned, and to earn them, you need to have a good reputation, helpful and Knowledgeable/Well informed.
  2. Honestly, i don't get why you'd nerf Uni ring, and there are lots of things that are not working nor fixed I messaged you and Addy often to fix unicorn and nothing happened, You can't actually dissolve Dclaws..
  3. Yeah, He Doesn't have any right to say that, does he?
  4. What gives you the right to say that? and your assumption, what is it based on? :) If you wanna be Negative or rude, to the community or the Owner, better Leave, Alone.
  5. GodL3ss

    afk zone

    I kinda agree tbh, it takes around 6-7hours to get 10k, and the loot isn't always the best..it can be updated to have better drop chance or have the cost lessened ^^ I respect Nero's decision either way :)
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