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  1. Ingame Name: ZeusAlmighty Age: 19 Time zone: GMT Total hours in-game: 25 hours Position you are applying for: Helper What is your knowledge of Tyras like?: Quite good now, I have been passing down my knowledge and helping newbs so I am reaching that point now. What is your primary language?: English, but I also speak Turkish and a little bit of Spanish. Why do you want to join the Tyras staff team?: I have developed and been part of teams before and I quite enjoy this server to the point I donated over $200 so I want to do more than just give money now by actually supporting the server and helping it grow. What makes you stand out to everyone else?: I have had experience in many different private servers on different games such as Runescape, Realm of the Mad God and even GunZ The Duel back in the day for the OG's out there, I have been programming since 2013 and have quite good knowledge with developing too, and therefore I could be a valuable asset in the future too. What do you think makes a good staff member?: Being approachable and nice to all, answering the questions that people ask. What would you do if you caught someone bug-abusing? Minor bug abuses I would let off with a warning, however major bugs I would jail the person and request further assistance from a higher up if I cannot do anything else about it. Why do you think you deserve the role? I think I deserve the role as I am an active and caring member of the community and I answer all of the questions that I have an answer to that I see. I do my best to seem approachable and nice, and try to get involved and help people progress.
  2. Hey, I am the $100+ donator ingame, could I get that on here too please? Thanks 😄
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