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    where i can dowlaund game launcher?
  2. ING Name: Azelo Age: 17 Time zone: EuW Total hours in-game: 0 Position you are applying for: Server Support. What is your knowledge of Tyras like?: I know this server is custom rsps, it will be mostly customized bosses, items, pet's it will be awesome. What is your primary language?: Lithuanian. Why do you want to join the Tyras staff team?: I want join Tyras staff team, because i have a lot of experience with helping, i love communicating with people, I want to get new experience with this server, maybe find some new friends, have fun time after school. Every day i be knowing that then I logged in server i will be needed to somebody. What makes you stand out to everyone else?: I have a lot of leader experience, a like to help, have a lot of knowledge with RuneScape and rsps servers. What do you think makes a good staff member?: In my opinion good staff member will need to be good and friendly as person. Have metal nervous and a lot of time to help another. What would you do if you caught someone bug-abusing? If player bug-abusing for he's side, and don't say anything to staff members i would ban him with no talk, because bug-abusing is that thing who destroy server economy, most likely. But if player is apologizing i prefer to talk with another staff member, and maybe give him another try, to be good player. why do you think you deserve the role? I'm very loyal to what i doing, and I respect all human beings for what they are trying to do. Like I was saying i like help another and I wanna do it here.
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