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  1. Tyras - Season 2: Just like the Relaunch there will be a max competition. There will be 3 option(like current) Normal, Ironman, and UIM however, the these variants will be limited with their interactions the current normal. Once the season is over, the limits will be lifted and the new competition season 2 players will be integrated into the economy. Rules and information (Maxing competition): 1. Season 1 Winners cannot win this season however, they will be able to win the next upcoming seasonal. This is to give a better chance to incoming new players with little to no game knowledge. 2. Season 1(Current players) will not be resetted. 3. Season 1 and Season 2 players cannot interact in-game. This means they will be restricted from trading, gambling, staking, and dropping with each other. However, season 1 players will be able to interact at Mass/Multi bossing. Release: Season 2 Will be Launching February 29TH at 12PM EST | 5PM GMT Special Launch Pet: Comment on this thread and get a 4% Droprate Boost Pet for Season 2 2. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/uJxhTkt 3. Like the Announcement for Tyras Season 2 How do I win prizes from Tyras? We are going to be giving away 3 different prizes. These will be awarded to: The first player to achieve maximum total level on a regular account. The first player to achieve maximum total level on an Ironman account. The first player to achieve maximum total level on an Ultimate Ironman account. Each winner will be able to choose one of the following rewards: One Apple Airpods Pro. $200 transferred to your PayPal. $500 worth of Store Credit. In addition winner will receive custom title which will be only obtainable by winning seasonal contest. The players who come 2nd/3rd to max each of these modes will win $100 store credit each! Discord Invite Competition: We will be running a referral contest to bring in new players to Tyras. This event will last up until March 10th, at Midnight. This is where members invite others to try out Tyras for the chance of being rewarded with prizes. We will be tracking this through the discord server with a discord bot to ensure that there is no cheating involved. In order to participate: Create an instant invite (you can do this by hovering over the #general channel and selecting the Invite icon) to the Discord. Set the link to never expire. Share the link with others. Rules (Discord competition): New players will count toward this content. Inviting current players who may make an alternate account, etc... will not count toward progress for prizes, etc and may get you disqualified from the competition completely. Any cheating in any way will be disqualified from the contest. Do not spam other RSPS's with your invite link. We do not wish for any bad blood to occur from this, nor is that how we want to gain players. You must use an invite code set to never expire. If you lose invites by using a code that does expire, we will not count that toward the competition. There will be 5 winners for this contest: First Place: 100M 07 GP & 100$ of store credit on Tyras. Second Place: 50m 07 GP & 75$ of store credit on Tyras. Third Place: 25m 07 GP & 50$ of store credit on Tyras. Fourth and Fifth Place: 25$ of store credit on Tyras. For every 10 referrals, you get, despite being in the top 5 of this event, you will receive a Tyras 2k20 Box. *First through Fifth place must have over 5 Invite to qualify for this contest* We hope to see you in-game and we are very excited to take over the scene together!
  2. T1 Armors: Gilded pieces: Body - 100 str legs - 100 str helm - 100 str Kree ara pieces: Body - 100 str range legs - 100 str range helm - 100 str range Magebeast pieces: Body - 100 str mage legs - 100 str mage helm - 100 str mage -------------------------------- T2 Armors: Torva (t2) pieces: Body - 200 str legs - 200 str helm - 200 str Pernix (t2) pieces: Body - 200 str range legs - 200 str range helm - 200 str range Virtus (t2) pieces: Body - 200 str mage legs - 200 str mage helm - 200 str mage ------------------------------- T3 Armors: Shikruu pieces: Body - 300 str legs - 300 str helm - 300 str Ganopurp pieces: Body - 300 str mage legs - 300 str mage helm - 300 str mage Sorrow pieces: Body - 300 str range legs - 300 str range helm - 300 str range -------------------------------- Other items: Archie cape - 330 str range Moonlight hood - 630 str mage Moonlight gloves - 330 str mage Moonlight boots - 330 str mage
  3. - Remade the max level for Invention 120. - New Tier 5 boss released - Dark Realm Sorcerer Requires 70 Invention and 25k NPC kills to attack. - Reduced Hades to 10k NPC Kills. - Updated Tier 5 Teleport Possible Drops - You can now Gain Boss points from Dark Sorcerers. - Fixed godly potion not working. - Finished combat script for Dark Realm Sorcerer Boss. - New zone for Tier 6 Bosses: The Inferno - Multizoned - New Tier 6 Bosses: Maxiblood, Archie, and Moonlight. - T10 cape now has 1,000 Str bonus. - You need 80 Invention and 30k NPC kills to attack Maxiblood, Archie, and Moonlight. - Finished combat scripts and drops for Maxiblood, Archie, and Moonlight Bosses. - Shikruu, Ganopuro, and Sorrow now drops from Hulk (t3) - The Inferno Now now shows the drops on the teleport interface. - Buffed Hulk health from 5k to 75k.
  4. Thank you guys for your patience! -Fixed Client Freezing. -Fixed BlackScreen loading for New players. - Lottery System is now online with 10 maximum entries. - Forums updated for security patch. - Dark Realm Armor is now dissolvable. - Art's Defender now dissolvable. - Art's Cape now dissovlable. - You can now dissolve flash staff. - You can now dissolve Scythe ofVitur. - You can now dissolve Trickster Armor. - You can now dissolve Viggora's Chainmace. - You can now dissolve Drakkon Helmet. - You can now dissolve Bulwark Boots & Gloves. - Increased Dagannoths Health from 2k to 5k & reworked their drop table to T1 Drops. - Upon reaching higher levels and milestones the lower levels become easier to make. lvl 55 t0->t1 get a increase % of success lvl 75 t1->t2 Lvl 90 t2->t3.(5% Increase) - Scroll of praise now gives a 5% Increase for your next Upgrade. - Added an Elo system that adds up 1% damage(%100 cap) every day and 0.5%(50% cap) droprate every day or 2 days aswell. Also that it doesn’t reset after not playing for a day but decreases like 3-5% every day you are not logged. - All instance dropped items will now go into inventory. - Slayer now gives double tickets instead of double points on the double day. - Fixed the droprate bonus event. - Added godly potion(Untradable w/ unlimited uses). Double Double Scroll, Upgrade Boost Scroll, and Godly Potion are now on the store! https://tyras.io/store/
  5. - Changed Yogifus cape to T10 cape and added the stats of T10 to it. 300->1000 - Revamped the Boss Points Shop. - 2k20 Box no longer announces as Null. - Revamped the PVM ticket Shop. - King of Mystery Boxes now give Boss points. - Removed the King of Mystery Box cloning effect and Healing. - Reworked Raids Mystery Box. - Added Enhanced Crystal Key to AFK shop for 25,000 Tickets. - Crystal Half is now stackable. - Added a special Attack to Blade Trinity. - Added more Glacor spawns. - Super zone is now multiple zone. - Added more Hades spawns. - Reduced hades health from 185 to 100k.
  6. - Added a warning on dissolve when item dissolves for 250+ orbs - Kraken now gives boss points. - Hades now drop all t4 upgradeable weapons (blade trinity and blastbomb cannon). - When you are in ::custom and you leave to do something else like banking or killing the world bosses that spawn every 30 min to put you back where you were. - Disabled announcement on the cb skills (atk, str, def, hp, range, mage) - Players are now considered maxed in all skills once he has 120 everything and 99 invention - 2979 Total - Doubled the duration of overload for extreme donator + - The bank chest at herblore zone banks so that ultimate ironmen can note and unnote items at it. - There is now an incentive system for daily play such as Monday: Double slayer points, Thursday: Double pc points, Wednesday:+50%DR, Thursday: double boss tickets. - Box notifications no longer shows for normal loot and only rarer items. - Added scroll of cleansing(enables double drop for 2hours). - Your information tab now updates(ex: npc kill count). - You can no longer move whilst in starter selection screen(Some players lost their starters) and it now selects normal mode by default until changed. - Speed pickaxe now grants 2x ore. - You can now bury and use Frost dragon bones on alter.
  7. - Exoden and Skeletal Horror now drops magebeast, kree ara, and gilded items. - Ckeys are now reenabled. - Added a description for all items on the store. - Added a new Global boss: King of Mystery boxes. - Nerfed t7 Offhand. - Buffed Tyras Helmet. - Readded alot of items that lost dissolve option. - Maxiblood buffed to T6. - Moonlight massive buff from 300 stats to 600 stats(T6) - Archie massive buff from 300 stats to 600~ stats(T6) - Archie Minigun buffed. - Dissolve Revamp and all of these items can be dissolved: T0 items: (~60 XP) Dragon boots (5 orbs) Dragon Claws (5-10 orbs) T1 items: (~500 XP) Skoll Staff (~30 orbs) Amulet of fury(z) (~20 orbs) T2 items: (~10k XP) Brutal minigun (~175 orbs) (~4k xp) Brutal whip (~175 orbs) (~4k xp) Brutal staff (~175 orbs) (~4k xp) Inferno wings (~100 orbs) Ice Fury (~100 orbs) Ankou maul (~100 orbs) Vixie boots (~50 orbs) (~4k xp) T3 items: (~20k XP) Shikruu helm/body/legs (~450 orbs) Ganopurp helm/body/legs (~450 orbs) Sorrow helm/body/legs (~450 orbs) Shikruu katana (~450) Ganopurp staff (~500-600 orbs) Sorrow bow (~500-600 orbs) Galaxy boots (~150 orbs) (~8k XP) Galaxy wings (~250 orbs) (~10k XP) Wing kiteshield (~350 orbs) Heavy chainsaw (~350 orbs) Shadow necklace (~350 orbs) Universal ring (~350 orbs)(~15k XP) Emporer gloves (~250 orbs) (~15k xp) T4 items: (50k+ XP) Blade trinity (2300 ORBS) BlastBomb cannon (2300 ORBS) Art's Staff (2300 ORBS) Arts Ring (2000 ORBS) Arts necklace (2000 ORBS) Arts cape (2000 ORBS) Arts boots (2000 ORBS) T4 Melee armor (legs/helm/body) (1800 ORBS each) T4 Mage armor (legs/helm/body) (1800 ORBS each) T4 Range armor (legs/helm/body) (1800 ORBS each) T5 items: (~150k XP) T5 Firefly scythe (6000 ORBS) T5 Iron minigun (6000 ORBS) T5 Darkrealm staff (6000 ORBS) T5 Firefly set (helm/body/legs) (5000 ORBS each) T5 Trickster set (helm/body/legs) (5000 ORBS each) T5 Darkrealm set (helm/body/legs) (5000 ORBS each) T5 Ring (5500 ORBS) T5 Amulet (5500 ORBS) T5 Horders flagcape (5300 ORBS) Other items: Twisted bow (~250 orbs) (7.5k XP) Scythe of Vitur (~250 orbs) (7.5k XP) Bow sword of 1k truths (~350 orbs) (10k XP) Tetsu armor (helm/body/legs) (~400 orbs) (12.5k XP) Viggora's chainmace (~250 orbs) (6k XP) Neutron dagger/boots/gloves (~100 orbs) (2.5k XP) Fractite wings (~100 orbs) (3k XP) Bulwark armor (helm/body/legs) (~300 orbs ea) (15k XP ea) Cyan black torva armor (helm/body/legs) (75 orbs ea) (5k XP ea) Ar rapier/mace (150 orbs) (7.5k XP ea) Cyantrix ring (250 orbs) (~7.5k XP ea) Drakkon's armor set (helm/body/legs/gloves/boots/cape) (2000 ORBS) (~35K XP ea) Drakkon's Minigun (3000 ORBS) (~45k XP) - Removed maxcape picking up charms. - AFK Box is now 5k Tickets. - All new players will now receive donator rank(Limited time only) - Hades now give boss points. - T5 Ring now has 25% DR - T5 Amulet now has 10% DR - T5 Horders flagcape now has 5% DR - Universal ring nerfed to 15% DR - Art's amulet now has 5% DR - Art's ring nerfed to 20% DR
  8. - Fixed 2 dupes. - Fixed the lag in the server. - Fixed the client freezing. - Readded the ::client ::launcher command. - Troll king no longer aggressive. - You now need 50 prestige points to attack shadow warrior. https://i.imgur.com/y0mrfrf.png - Shadow warriors now have drops. https://i.imgur.com/gdQNnzH.png - You now need 100 prestige points to attack COL warrior. - COL warrior now have drops. https://i.imgur.com/Xcfbvip.png - Removed the delay when combining crystal keys. - Hades now respawns. - Added ::hiscores and fixed ::vote. - Galvek and Malvek buffed to t3.5 BOSS(Includes HP BUFF & SPEED BUFF). - Galvek Armor has now been buffed to t3.5 armor - Added Kalphite queen to instance manager. https://i.imgur.com/xvhvSVv.png - Devils now require only 20 npc killcount to kill. - You can no longer attack devils above 1,000 killcount. - Removed the killcount requirement for Lords, Demons, Dragons, beasts, and kings. - Updated ::npclist with correct information. - New players will now automatically get assigned a red rock crab task. - Every easy task will now be set above 20 required kills. - Slayer helmet, Full Slayer helmet, and Focus sight now gives 20% dmg bonus on task. - Nerfed the experience given on some hard slayer task and all Elite slayer tasks. - You now need 1k kill requirement for cyantrix. - You now need 5k kill requirement for bulwark. - Slayer Medium tasks now consist of Starter Boss, Tormented Demons, Devilspawns, Lords, Demons, and KBD. - Slayer Hard tasks now consist of Joyx Dragon, MegaBeasts, Troll Kings, Fleorix birds, Glacors, Kraken, and Shadow Corps. - Slayer Elite tasks now has addons for Hulk, Inferno Dragon, Cyantrix, and Bulwark. - Rework on Slayer tickets: - Easy task gives 1 ticket - Medium task gives 5 tickets - Hard task gives 10 tickets - Elite task gives 15 tickets https://i.imgur.com/st6uFIk.png - Buffed cyantrix health from 1k to 40k. - Reworked Slayer Shop: (Uses slayer tickets as currency (NOT POINTS)) - Instance Tokens (5 tickets) - Skoll staff / Tormented tentacle / Kree'arra crossbow (10 tickets) - Brutal Minigun/Staff/Whip (125 tickets) - Galaxy boots/wings (150-200 tickets) - Wing kiteshield (150-200 tickets) - Super MBOX (250 tickets) - Shikruu katana/Ganopurp staff/Sorrow bow (400 tickets) - Extreme MBOX (500 Tickets) - Slayer Helm (i) (Boosts DMG 35% on Slayer Task) (1000 tickets) - 5$ Scroll (1250 tickets) - Hellfire Spirit Shield (1500 tickets) - Shadow Spirit Shield (1500 tickets) - Collectors Necklace (4500 tickets) - Custom PHAT(% DR) (10000 tickets) https://i.imgur.com/piJmYaV.png - Buffed Shadow torva to 250 Str per item. - Buffed COL torva to 355 Str per item. - Nerfed the droprate for Shadow Warriors.
  9. This is ahmed saying this. He's pretty salty
  10. - Fixed ROW in upgrade machine. - Bring(z) now has a 5% droprate increase. - Npclist monsters now aggressive. - Changed the common raids loot from t2 to 1-10m Coins and 10-50 Orbs - You can now do ::thread or ::topic to get to a certain thread on the forums - Reworked raids mystery box. - Fixed the HP bar update - Reworked some code to possibly fix lag. - Started on NPC task list. This will give rewards for doing certain tasks for example: kill 100 eternal dragons rewarding eternal dragon armor.
  11. Client You must download the new Launcher to not crash. This update comes with the NPC HP bar fixed and will allow us to start on client work such as new armor, monsters, and overall content. https://tyras.io/extra/TyrasLauncherV4.jar STORE The new store will only process using Stripe. To those that donated to the server you may have noticed me asking for confirmations. With this switch it will be alot more easier for more to work on the server and not worry about donations. https://tyras.io/store2/ - Replaced Bring with ROW in upgrade - Website is now SSL secure. - New store system. - Added ::client and ::launcher to download the new client. - The new client now comes with NPC HP fix to know the amount of health is left.
  12. - Turkey raids is now God raids - Custom Phats now 1.5m Each in AFK SHOP(GIVES 30% DR) - Buffed the HP on some God Raids boss. - 1750 Total level to now teleport to raids. - Tainted boots now tradable - Fixed the spam agility exp bug at barb course. - Victory Hammer buffed from 3.5k Strength to 7K Strength. - Replaced AFK box in raids with Raids Mbox(5) - Raid boxes now stackable. - Buffed maxhit for dragon minigun, archie minigun, and blastbomb cannon. - Fixed neutron dagger special attack. - Tyras glaive special does 4 hits at the cost of 100 special attack. - Buffed Arcnum set(T7) - Cleaned up and reworked Glacior Droptable. - Cleaned up and reworked Kraken Droptable. - Nerfed the rates on Custom GWD items from GWD bosses. Rate from 1/1000 to 1/120. - Hades killcount lowered from 40k to 25k. - Hades should now respawn after being killed. - Fixed the forums command - Fixed the discord command. - Ganopurp should now announce on drop.
  13. - Disabled event boss box for now. - Increased AFK box from 2.5k to 10k - PvM boxes now stackable. - Made it so if there's no bank pin it'll not show pin interface. - AFK box now gives correct gilded. - You can no longer attack the same npc on the same IP address. - Increased clanchat size. - You now get a base of 500 invention XP for failing your upgrades. - Removed Vote scroll from PVM Box. - Remove Dragon defender from Raids box. - Glacor HP increased from 1k to 15k. - Fixed ::slayertask teleporting to task - Nerfed Bandos avatar slayer task experience.
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